Straight Keys

I have over the years had many straight keys. Initally it was a WW2 British Army 8Amp key. They are quite fragile and if dropped break easly.

Currently I have a number of straight keys but they dont get used much. A bit of a waist I suppose. I have recently sold a few of them.

This is a hand made key from an unknown engineer. Its superb, both in looks and in operation. I would love to know who made it. Recently I spotted one on eBay which went for nearly £150

The classic Kent Straight Key.

This is a MARCONI Air Ministry (A.M.) “D Type” Key. Designated 10F/7373. A fine big ground station key with large contacts. A magnificent morse key on a par with the Marconi Marine keys of the same era. Early versions have “MARCONI’S WIRELESS TELEGRAPH Co. Ltd. No xxxxx LONDON” inscribed on the base, later ones have unmarked bases. Used on the high voltage portion of circuitry in a transmitter, therefore the unit is fully enclosed to protect the operator.

Hi Mound key. I have had this for nearly 40 years now. Great action and works well.

Modern Racal Morse Key. I need to fit a base on this one.

Walters Electrical Mgf Co LTD key

A nice little un-named key.