Paddle Keys

My first paddle key was a Hi Mound Manipulator key. Bought it sometime in the in the 1980’s and I made a elecronic keyer circuit to work with it. Unfortunatly the keyer circuit was a simple one and did not do iambic. I evetually upgraded to a Bencher BY-1 Dual Paddle. In fact I ended up having two of them over the years. Currently I use a Alberto Frattini, I1QOD and Begali keys. They are bueatifuly made and just work. They also look cool on the bench.

My Alberto Frattini I1QOD key. All brass and with a great look and action. Currently my primary key.

My Begali keys

The Simplex

Begali Singnature key. This key is a masterpiece. Very precise and a beautiful sound when in use.