Improving the Heil ProSet 3

I have had, over the years a couple of pairs of Pro Set 3 headphone. may be I have a big (physical) head or my ears are in the wrong position but the Pro set 3 never fitted well on my head. The first pair knocked around the shack for a few years and were sold on eBay. A couple of years I had a another go and bought the second set. I do a lot of contesting, mostly CW and they are comfortable for short time but after wearing them for an hour or more I get sore ears. I did not want to sell the second pair.

Heil Pro Set 3 headset
The Heil Pro Set 3 Headset

So I started thinking about how I could make these more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

So the big issue is that the ear pieces sit on your ears, they don’t surround your ears. In my book this puts pressure on your ears and that’s why they get sore. So to improve this situation and get these headphone much more comfortable I started looking about. I also a Radio Sport headset which I love. The isolation is excellent and even though they are quiet heavy they are very comfortable. I visited eBay and found a pair of replacement gel ear-pads. Fitted them to the Heil Proset 3 headset and they are transformed. Here is what they look like after the modification.

The addition of the gel earpads add massive comfort and improved isolation. I can wear them for hours now without discomfort. The gel earpads are not expensive and fit well. A very worthy upgrade.