Marconi 2966a Radio Test Set

Marconi 2966A with LCD display

Recently I purchased a used Marconi 2966a radio test set (or service monitor) It turned out to be faulty but was easily fixed. Very lucky for me. Someone had been inside it and had, when refitting one particular board miss aligned it which caused the 5 volt DC line to go to ground. This caused a short which took out an inductor on the board close to where the DC came unto the PCB. I discovers the lack of DC 5 volts when fault finding and was expecting a dead electrolytic cap so to find a miss aligned PCB header was a winner for me. I replaced the inductor and refitted, very carefully the PCB and the 2966 sprang into life. There is a great group for Marconi equipment and I quickly discovered that there was an upgrade for the display from CRT to a LCD display. I ordered the display and once it arrived I set about installing it. Below are a series of photographs showing the process of replacing the display and the outcome. The 2966 has a VGA port on the back and its a matter of disconnecting it and rerouting the cable back inside the unit to where the LCD control panel is fitted.