My name is George and I am a licensed radio amateur. I obtained my RAE (radio amateurs exam) in May 1979 at the old Dungannon Tech, now South West College and applied to the home office for a license. I was given the callsign GI5MPS. Trust me, its a long story. GI5M callsign’s were class B reciprocal callsign’s. For the next 4 years I was very active on 2m FM and especially SSB where I was very active and worked many countries across Europe from the old WO48C locator.

I have always had an interest in home brew construction and built many scratch built projects and kits. Ham Radio was full of fun projects back in the day and so many now common components were just becoming available to the general electronics hobbyist. Cirkit Electronics was the ham radio/electronics hobbyist bible. They had all the latest components from HF to VHF and UHF.

In March 1983 I made a visit to the Customs House in Belfast and sat my morse test at 12 words per minute. After a successful pass I applied for and received the callsign GI4SJQ. I moved to HF and that has been my main focus ever since.

I am operational on all bands from 160m to 70cms.
Favorite mode is CW
Favourite activity’s, Contesting and chasing DX.