Major antenna work at GI4SJQ

Its been a long three weekends in a row. Quite frustrating at times. Three weekends ago I luffed over the tower and removed all aluminum from the mast.

Force 12 C3SS – GONE
17m Dipole – GONE
2m 9el LFA Yagi – GONE
70cms 23el – GONE
5 el 50Mhz Yagi – GONE

Replaced with a Cobweb (single wire version) from A SP station who makes them and sells them on eBay. Very well made and very nice quality components. Last weekend I again luffed over the mas and added the G5500 AZ/EL rotator and the WIMO X-Quads. The lasted less than 24 hours on the mast as the 70cms side when HIGH SWR. Removed on the Sunday. ON the 17th (St Patrick’s day) I luffed over the mast and added a Diamond X50 to the top and raised the Cobweb by about 14 inches.

Problem. I have had issues getting the Auto ATU to match and stay matched on some bands. This afternoon I fitted a RF choke to the coaxial cabled coming into the shack and the ATU is now very much happier.

Now I need to make another RF choke and box it. Fit at the antenna end and it should cure any common mode RF on the coaxial cable causing issues. Its been and eventful March 2022