RS-60 headset

In October 2013 I decided to make a change and move away from using Heil headsets. After reading the reviews on I made my mind up and I purchased the RadioSport RS-60 headset with the Elecraft K3 mic element and Elecraft rear mount cable from Martin Lynch & Sons.   The Radio Sport headset is an expensive headset, It needs a custom cable which is custom made depending on which radio you have.  Initially I thought about making a cable up and saving the £60 or so the cable would cost to buy but in the end I bought the cable and I am glad I did as its very well made.  Its a bit stiff compared to Heil cables but its excellent quality and made to a much higher specification that any other cables I have seen.  Boy its a heavy headset but its not so noticable when you are wearing it.  Recieve audio is excellent and the mic element is also very good and drives the K3 well and I get good audio reports. Comfort  is very good.  It is very well constructed and uses a lot of metal parts including the headband so its very easy to adjust the fit.    With the cloth ear covers on its can be worn for extended periods but after 6 or 7 hours of continuse I find I get sore ears so off come the cloth covers and as the padding is so thick and soft it extends the wearing period considerably.