My Heil headsets for Amateur Radio use:

Heil ProSet Headset

Over the years I have used many different headsets. 30 years ago back in the early 80's when I first got my HF license there were few if any commercially made headsets for the amateur radio market so we all used ex commercial/military headsets which we modified to work with the wiring of our ham radio gear.  My first headset was an ex military Airlite 62 set.  I think I bought it from GWM Radio or Birkets at the time.  The recieve audio was very good but the TX audio was typicaly communications quality.  Don't get me wrong, they were very good and if its good for the military is more that adaquite for ham radio use but I never found them that confortable for long operation sessions and you got very sweaty after wearing them for a while during a contest or chasing DX.  I also used various computer headsets but they were never very sucessful. They always needed a supply to run the mic insert and I had lots of RFI problems with them. 

Heil Proset & Proset Plus

In the 90's Bob Heil came out with the various versions of his headset and my first venture into Heil headsets was a Heil Proset with an HC5 element.  I used that for a good number of years, even replacing the worn out cable which is avaliable as a spare.  It worked well and was comfortable but as I got into contesting more I found that after a long session it was anoying me and I would swap to a Kenwood HS-5 headset and use a hand mic.  I then bought a ProSet Plus around 2005/6 period which I used up until 2013.  Its a great headset and for short to medium periods of use I found it comfortable but it got hot and sweats and hurt my ears after very long contest sessions.  I played around with having the cloth covers on or off the ear pads but I still ended up with sore ears.  I eventually sold all my Heil headsets when I purchased the Radio Sport RS-60 headset in October 2013.

Heil ProSet Plus Headset