TX monitoring on the P3 Panadaptor:

Elecraft have announced an upgrade for thge P3 Panadaptor which will enable it to monitor your TX signal, SWR and Power out in real time.  Its called the P3TX and they are taking orders for the new upgrade and shipping is expected to start in mid July.  More information can be obtained here. pdf

Elecraft Announce Replacement to the K3:

Elecraft announced at Dayton 2015 the release of the replacement to the K3.  The new name is the K3S and it looks very simular to the older K3.  There are a lot of improvements to the K3S as detailed below.

As a K3 owner I am looking forward to Elecraft releasing some of the K3S updated modules so I can update my K3.  Thats the think about the Elecraft radios compared to the big 3 manufacturers. Not only can you upgrade the firmware but as the radio is of modular construction you can upgrade the internal boards as well.

I have already upgrade to the new KSYN3A  synthesizer which were released in January of 2015.  When Elecraft release the new KIO3B I will be addint that to the radio.  Being able to connect the K3 directly into the computer for control and audio in/out will remove a lot of extra cabeling from the shack.  It will be also intresting to see how the new DSP board performs as its also an upgrade option for existing K3 owners.  For more info check out the Elecraft K3S data sheet. pdf