Marconi Key:

I bought this key of eBay.  I had been wanting to get one for some time and finally one appeared at a price I was prepaired to pay.  Its not in mint condition but I would guess very few of them ever are but its a lot better than many I have seen.  Its a lovely key to use and has a wonderful action with great audable feedback. Its a joy to send with.



Old Military Key:GPOKey2

I bought this key at the Lagan Valley ARC radio rally in 2015.  I took it to pieces and soaked all the metal parts in a combination of very hot water with washing up liquid added.  After a quick soak and a rub with a sponge the metal parts cleaned up very nicely. I sanded the wooden base and gave it a couple of coats of clear varnish and reassembled it.  It now looking very nice as can be seen in the photos below. I believe thats it a old GPO key but all the ones I have seen on the web are very simular but are not plated as this one is.