N1MM+ N1MM SSBLayoutSmall

The first time I used N1mm's excellent software was back in 2002.  I entered the CQWW WPX SSB contest on a whim at 07:30 on the Sunday morning.  I had woken up that morning and decided to get up and check out 10 meters as we were at the top of the solar cycle and I thought I would see what I could hear.  I had the night before set up N1MM.  Note that there was no connection from the computer to the radio at that stage and the software was just logging contacts.  It was a very basic set up but that changed quickly.  At about 19:00 that night I shut down after working  248 Q' and I was sold on N1MM for contesting. I was also sold on contesting.  I had great fun and worked a lot of new stations and some new conuntrys n 10M, all on one day.  Jump forward to May 2014 and the anouncement at the Dayton HamFest that a new version, rewritten from the ground up (N1MM+) was being released.  I just could not wait for its release.    

My first live use of N1MM+ was during the WAE SSB contest in early September 2014.  Again I was a very happy ham.  The new version is excellent.  Once installed and configured to talk to my station equipment it has worked without any flaws that I can find.  I have so far used it for 11 contests include CQWW RTTY, SSB and CW and quite a few other contests from Sept 2014 to Jan 2015.  Its has never crashed and if my fingers were as reliable as the software I would be very happy.